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Highlands Forge

Located near Homer, Alaska, Highlands Forge creates unique hand crafted knives, axes & swords that are both functional and beautiful. Specializing in Damascus or Pattern Welded Steel, Highlands Forge uses 1084, 1095, 15N20, 80CRV2 and 5160 High Carbon Steels to produce high quality & durable blades.

As well as collector quality Damascus pieces, Highlands Forge makes a variety of field tested hunting, skinning, camp & Bowie knives in mono steels (1095, 5160, 80CRV2)

Highlands Forge also makes a line of Chefs Knives, designed by Lance Prouse, owner & Executive Chef of Captains in Homer. Made of 80CRV2 steel, these knives are designed for daily use in a commercial kitchen.

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