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JD Custom Knives 4.5" Pike Muk Fixed Blade / Wenge Wood w/ White and Blue G10 Liners, Swirl Resin Layer / Satin AEB-L

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Clover Product ID: EATSB7J9AJ8G0

Starting in 2018, Jordan Danz sought to turn around his life to make cleaner and healthier decisions - and in doing so found a passion in making some of the most beautiful and cleanest knives available. This knife maker's journey started with the simplest a tools and materials - using just a dremel and an old rusty saw blade. Now, Jordan hones his skills as a knife maker as a means to be a good father, husband, and to share his skills and knowledge to anyone else who might need a creative outlet in their life.

You can follow Jordan's story on his instagram here.

This JD Custom is a Pike Muk, a 4.5" full flat ground knife in AEB-L stainless steel. The handle is predominately wenge wood, and includes white and blue G10 liners, brass pins, and a swirled multi-colored inset of resin.


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