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KOBAR High Class Vintage 5/8 Straight Razor Of The Day Kit / Ivory Bakelite / Engraved Solingen High Carbon Steel

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KOBAR was a brand belonging to Friedrich Emde (as was the trademark Kiebitz). The company changed name to Gebrüder Emde and later EMDE. They produced razors between 1902 and 1939. The razors were considered to be top notch in when still in production and are treasured by users and collectors world wide. These are pre WWII German razors.

In this complete vintage set each razor's edge has an engraved etching and is marked with a different day of the week, Monday through Sunday. These KOBAR razors have a ivory bakelite style plastic handles. Each blade is stamped in a gold tone "High KOBAR Class" and the ivory bakelite handles have a gold tone stamp of two men facing each other with KOBAR stamped by their feet. The razors have some patina on each blade and we have not attempted to restore this set. Each razor is still very much sharp and should be handled with care or by someone with expertise. The case that comes with this 7-day set is a hard synthetic snakeskin blue with "Souvenir of Germany" stamped in the middle of the outside lid and the inside is covered in a red velvet with a white ribbon in the left corner marked "Souvenir of Solingen".

This is a very OLD set of razors and thus will show their age, however they appear to be lightly used if at all.


  • Cutting Edge: 2.75"
  • Overall Blade Length: 4"
  • Blade Width: 0.625"
  • Blade Material: Vintage Solingen High Carbon Steel
  • Handle Length: 5.50"
  • Handle Material: Ivory Bakelite
  • Color: Ivory
  • Age: 1902-1939


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