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Blind Horse Knives GNS Self-Reliance Illustrated Edition 4.5" Fixed Blade Knife, Natural Micarta / O1 Steel

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Clover Product ID: 6WH4H5DS9PXJM

Blind Horse Knives has partnered with Self Reliance Illustrated to create an exciting knife, the GNS. The GNS has been fine tuned by BHK and SRI for over a year. The end result is the ultimate bush knife. This is not a fancy knife, this is a working knife. Take it with you into the woods and it will be up to every task. Use it for woodcraft, shelter building, wood processing, trap building, and more.


  • Overall Length: 9.5"
  • Sharpened Edge: 4.5"
  • Steel Type: O1 Tool Steel
  • Steel Thickness: 1/8 inch
  • Scale Material: Natural Micarta
  • Saber Grind
  • D-Ring Dangler Sheath


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