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KAI Blade Guard 6.75" x 1.25"

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Clover Product ID: 0FVT3R93FT5M4
UPC: 087171055558

This translucent blade guard protects your cutlery investment—and your fingers—simply and easily. You'll never have to guess which knife is in the blade guard since the translucent material lets you see inside for easy identification. The guard fits a wide variety of cutlery with smaller, narrower blades such as paring knives, vegetable knives, even smaller specialty knives like a bird’s beak knife. A rubberized, adjustable clip makes it easy to open and close the blade guard.

  • Fits smaller, narrower blades like paring knives
  • 6.75" x 1.25" size
  • Translucent material lets you see inside for easy identification
  • The rubberized clip is easy-open/easy-close


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