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Microtech Signature Series Ultratech T/E OTF / Black Aluminum / Black DLC Tanto Magnacut

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Clover Product ID: 6N6HB0SNBQK0W
UPC: 841768162254

In many ways, Microtech's Ultratech is the quintessential out-the-front (OTF) automatic knife. It boasts Microtech's superior double-action, allowing you to open and close the knife with one push on the thumb slide. Quality is evident in every aspect—from its top-shelf materials, to its flawless fit and finish, to its innovative, highly functional design. There is something undeniably satisfying—even thrilling—about operating an OTF knife like the Ultratech. It feels a little bad in a good way, and though it may seem extra to some, it allows one-handed accessibility that is remarkably practical. Whether you're looking for a pocket knife to bet your life on, one to carry every day, or just one to expand your collection with, this knife will fit the bill and have you smiling.

The Ultratech has seen several iterations. This version offers a smooth, contoured handle with thoughtfully placed jumping to maximize comfort without compromising grip security; additionally, it won't chew up your pocket.

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