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Microtech UTX-70 D/E 2.4" OTF Automatic / Red Aluminum / Satin

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Clover Product ID: 3AYE13HCZ95P2
UPC: 841768109570

This UTX-70 features a red anodized aluminum handle. The double-edged dagger blade is satin-finished CTS-204P stainless steel with plain edges. The pocket clip and hardware are bead blast finished.

Microtech set the standard of what an OTF could be with the wildly popular Ultratech, and while it is a phenomenal knife, it's a little big for some. Thus, we now have the UTX-85 (85% the size of an Ultratech) and the UTX-70. The UTX-70 is perfect for people with small hands and small pockets or who are just looking for the one-handed versatility offered by double-action OTFs but want as bite-sized of a knife as possible.

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