Silky GomBoy 11.8" Folding Saw / Orange Nonslip Rubberized Grip / Curved Blade

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Silky Saws are manufactured in the Ono region of Japan, famous for its consistently high-quality Japanese steel with the lowest amount of impurities. With nearly 100 years of hand saw technology & superior craftsmanship, these saws remain unmatched by any other saw on the market.

The gomboy curve professional Series folding saw is a new and improved version of Silky's #1 selling gomboy folding saw. The primary difference is that the blade on this new and improved professional Series version is curved. As with any pull cutting saw, the curved blade creates a unique, more aggressive cutting action which results in improved performance. It's hard to believe that Silky's top selling saw has now been made even better.


  • If you were impressed with the GomBoy straight blade version, wait until you try this curved blade
  • The curved blade naturally dives into the wood fibers as you pull back
  • The result is an even faster cutting action & less need to use down pressure while cutting
  • Available in 210mm, 240mm & 300mm blade lengths
  • Great for landscaping, hiking, camping, trail building, hunting & general outdoor use
  • Manufacturers limited lifetime warranty through Silky Saws

MODEL: 717-30

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