Silky Gomboy Professional 8.3" Folding Saw / Orange Rubber / Curved Blade

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Silky Saws are manufactured in the Ono region of Japan, famous for its consistently high-quality Japanese steel with the lowest amount of impurities. With nearly 100 years of hand saw technology & superior craftsmanship, these saws remain unmatched by any other saw on the market.

Using a special high frequency heating technique, teeth are heated instantly & hardened. The remainder of the blade is unchanged & still retains its normal flexibility. The hardened teeth are harder than an ordinary file & stay sharp about three times longer than non-hardened teeth.

  • Multi-purpose saw with smooth cutting action, makes this saw suitable for pruning as well as cutting dry, hard timber
  • Rubber insert in the steel handle is very easy to grip and lends to its perfect balance
  • Blade length is 210 mm/8.3 in.
  • Blade thickness is 1.4 mm
  • Clear carry case included
  • Great for landscaping, hiking, camping, trail building, hunting and general outdoor use

MODEL: 717-21

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